Membership Information

Eligibility for membership in the Tampa Bay Mariners Club, Inc. is open to all persons actively working in, or supporting, the maritime industry; e.g., marine insurance underwriters, claims handlers, etc.; admiralty/maritime attorneys, marine inspectors and surveyors; boatyards; repairers; salvors; and others. New members must be sponsored by two existing members and approved by the Membership Committee.

If you would like to become a New Member in the Tampa Bay Mariners Club, Inc., simply click HERE to fill-in and print the form, obtain two sponsor signatures from Members In-Good-Standing then send the completed form with a check for $65.00 ($15.00 Initiation Fee plus $50.00 dues - for the remainder of the calendar year). Please make checks payable to. 'Tampa Bay Mariners Club, Inc.', and mail with the form to the address listed on it.

NOTE: Payments by Prospective New Members are accepted ONLY by check.



Please click here for secure online renewal; or click here to to fill-in and print the form, and mail it with your check for Renewal Dues of $50.00, payable to 'Tampa Bay Mariners Club, Inc.', to the address listed on the form.